Three-phase separation metering device for Shanxi Natural Gas Field

LUDY Petrochemical Equipment (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd Time:2020-12-29 16:48:47

Recently, with the continuous decline of international oil prices, many oil fields have been put into the exploitation and processing of natural gas. The three-phase separator of natural gas produced by Ludy has been widely used in domestic oil and gas fields.

At the beginning of April, Shaanxi customer signed an order contract for three-phase separation metering device of natural gas with us, and now the factory is speeding up the production. The natural gas three-phase separation metering device is equipped with high-quality valves and instruments, and the automatic control system is adopted, which is easy to operate and can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce operating costs for users.

When natural gas is extracted, it contains saturated vapor or condensate, so it must be separated from oil, gas and water by three-phase separation metering device, otherwise it will cause incalculable damage to downstream equipment and gas transmission pipeline. Jiangsu Ludy Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. has rich experience and advanced technology in natural gas processing. Our three-phase separation metering device can meet all the needs of users and provide assistance for users to improve their production capacity. For more performance advantages of our natural gas three-phase separation metering device, please refer to the specific introduction of natural gas three-phase separator.

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