Wellhead high-pressure cyclone desander for Sichuan

LUDY Petrochemical Equipment (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd Time:2020-12-29 16:53:10

Recently, the high-pressure cyclone desander manufactured by Ludy for Sichuan customers has been successfully installed and put into use at the customer's site.

Wellhead high-pressure cyclone desander is mainly used for well washing and sand removal after fracturing and sand removal in the sand-producing stratum: the centrifugal force is generated by the cyclone effect, the solid phase components sink into the bottom by centrifugal force and gravity, and the cleaner liquid and gas enter the central pipe, and the separated solid phase components can be discharged online, effectively reducing the erosion of downstream equipment and protecting downstream equipment.

The equipment parameters are as follows: rated working pressure of 15000psi, maximum gas flow of 10×104Nm3/d, maximum liquid flow of 60m3/d, and the grading particle size of more than 50μm. According to feedback of users, the equipment is with superior performance, and the processing capacity can fully meet their needs.

In addition to the production of cyclone desander, Ludy can also produce dual-port filter desander. On the basis of self-development, we have introduced international advanced technology. After years of in-depth research and continuous improvement, our desander has been widely used in oil and gas fields at home and abroad.

There are various specifications and types of cyclone desander, but users only need to pay attention to the following notes when make the selection:

1. Factors such as the treated water volume, external pipe diameter, working pressure of pipeline, raw water quality and water quality requirements after treatment should be considered.

2. According to the system processing flow or filtration accuracy, multiple cyclone desanders can be selected to be used in series or in parallel.

3. For the system with higher accuracy, the filter with higher accuracy should be installed after the cyclone desander according to the requirements of filtration accuracy, so as to avoid system blockage.

Please feel free to contact us for more information. We’ll be glad to provide design scheme and quotation according to your specific requirements.