Leading Industry R&D and Production Level

Ludy Petrochemical Equipment has been committed to the production and development of pressure vessel equipment, such as separator, ground test equipment,

in order to achieve maximum efficiency and precision products. High quality equipment with high cost performance can be customized.

LUDY Petrochemical Equipment (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd

This is a modern high-tech environmental protection technology enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, sales, and service.

Productive & sales type enterprises with professional production capacity

In the possession of welding equipment, cutting equipment, lifting equipment, welding material drying box, plate rolling machine, radiography room and other mechanical processing equipment; Be able to independently complete machining, welding, testing, instrumentation, installation and commissioning of mechanical and electrical equipment and other processes;

With all kinds of professional quality inspection and testing equipment.

Professional technical engineer team

Our professional technical engineer team of petroleum equipment is able to provide customers with one-to-one design according to their requirements and use environment.

With extensive design experience in a variety of complex environments domestic and abroad.

Persistent process innovation while focusing on independent R&D

Continuous improvement of oilfield testing and separation equipment technology to meet the latest requirements domestic and abroad;

5% of the sales is invested annually into R&D of new equipment to strive to be realistic and innovative.

Quality assurance

Rely on strong R&D strength and integrate the world's cutting-edge technology concept so as to quickly respond to the changing needs of customers;

Perfect quality inspection system, to provide customers with advanced, reliable, safe, high-quality complete sets of engineering facilities and product solutions.

Rich experience in production and sales of petroleum and petrochemical equipment

Long-term partner of oil leading industry with years of pressure vessel equipment production experience;

With the experience of exporting to many countries around the world and has won the reputation from foreign customers.

High Automation

To Provide You with Customized Equipment