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Committed to Becoming the Leader in the Industry of Oilfield Equipment

● With years of experience in pressure vessel equipment production, long-term partner in the leading petroleum industry.

● With export experience in many countries around the world, the equipment has won unanimous praise from overseas customers.

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Company Strength

Well-known petroleum equipment manufacturer, focusing on quality innovation for years.

About Ludy

LUDY Petrochemical Equipment (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd, located in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, is a modern high-tech environmental protection technology enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, sales, and service. It covers the oil and gas industry, including water treatment and environmental protection.
LUDY is committed to becoming an industry leader in oilfield equipment. The products include separator, LNG, heat exchanger and surface test equipment, water treatment and other environmental protection equipment. Based on the national market, LUDY closely combines the different characteristics of the upstream, midstream and downstream of the oil and gas industry for deeply understanding customers’ applications. We have successful project experience in Nigeria, Russia, Thailand, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia and many other countries.

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